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Muesli #4 For Nut Lovers


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Muesli #2 Berries Temptation


Hot & Cold Muesli Berry Temptation is made from the best quality grains, nuts, fruits and seeds. All ingredients are hand selected and checked in detail. There is no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Muesli is low in sodium, providing protein and fibers

Ingredients: whole grain oats, raisins unsulphured, whole grain barley, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, apples unsulphured, raspberries, black currants.



Our customer review : ,,When we did our grocery shopping,we discovered your Muesli Berries Temptation and several other flavors. We are so glad to find your product because of the healthy ingredients! We enjoy them for breakfast and as a healthy snack. During all of the world’s problems right now, your product helps us stay on track for a healthy new year. Thank you!” Patti