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Gluten-Free OAT Bread Easy Baking Mix


5% Off Active Dry Yeast Case – 16 Packs

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All Natural Active Dry Yeast 2x 0.35OZ


No additives!

Natural Active Dry Yeast is great for bread baking! Enables you to make delicious homemade farmer’s bread, pancakes or pastries without fuzz.


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For use in Bread Machine & Traditional Baking

Store in a cool, dry place. Keeps best sealed for freshness.

TIP: If store in refrigerator, before use, always bring to room temperature.

#HOW TO USE traditionally?

  • Put the flour into a bowl
  • Add one cup warm water(about 100 °F) in a bowl, then add yeast
  • Add one teaspoon of sugar
  • Put a cloth on the top of the bowl
  • Wait 10 minutes for yeast to activate