About the company

It all started with Willi Pfannenschwarz, who as a miller’s son wanted to have a big milling production and all kind of machines to make milling possible. 

Willi grew up in Waldenbuch, Germany, working in the mill. He could absorb every little detail about trade there. Quickly, he began to come up with his ideas for grain production.

He did not like that nutritious outer layer of grains were separated during the graining process and used only to feed animals. With the idea of producing ”whole grains” he founded Seitenbacher in 1980. 

”We want people to reach their 100 years and maintain their healthy life during this time”. That was always the most important position for founder and current CEO Willi Pfannenschwarz. He has kept his desire to creating the best quality, healthy products. Till now, there is nothing healthier than ingredients directly extracted from the nature.

Willis’ idea to consider people to whole grains was to mill the grain into nice, large flakes and add nuts, seeds and dried fruits to make it colorful, good-looking and smelling. With this idea, Seitenbacher was born.

2021, Regional fields in Odenwald, Germany

Willi and Marion

While testing different manufacturing techniques and experimenting with machines, Willi met Marion. He knew since the beginning that Marion was the only one he wants to spend the rest of his life. She believed in him and helped with the business. She decided to work with him full time and grow Seitenbacher.  With their love to Seitenbacher and each other, Willi and Marion, were undefeated. Their success was so big that they could not work in a small mill in Waldenbuch anymore.

During the search for new property, Willi and Marion discovered Buchen in Odenwald, a small town in Neckar Odenwald Kreis, where they felt immediately comfortable. That was the perfect place for Seitenbacher and them. Ideal place to expand family and grow company.

Seitenbacher grew up really fast. With a large production came more buildings, more employees, more natural products and even bigger ideas. The company has experienced massive success. People started to recognized high quality. 

2020, Seitenbacher Natural Foods in Buchen, Germany

Seitenbacher commercials

Willis second passion was always a music. He loves rock n’roll. He plays guitar and piano. Furthermore, he made sure to have an according studio in his basement, so he could develop radio advertising for Seitenbacher using his musical talent. Ads he created by himself became incredibly popular in Germany.  With self-made music in commercials, Seitenbacher brand has achieved cult status. Willi is very proud of creating self-made advertising which became memorable and unforgettable within German society. Nowadays, he still does it. 

Seitenbacher America LLC

Willis and Marion dream was always to have Seitenbacher in the US. They both love this country and are in love with the culture. They wanted to bring their goods to the other part of the world. Make people know Seitenbacher and make them able to eat high quality, European ingredients. In 2005, they founded Seitenbacher America LLC in Odessa, Florida. 

Oil mill in Grünsfeld, Germany

In 2010 the next dream came true… 

After 30 years of hard work, Willi purchased his own oil mill in Grünsfeld, Germany. The mill was not in a good condition when it was acquired, but with patience, humility and love it became a one of the most important organic oil mills in Germany. 

The purpose of producing oils was to focus on a completely healthy, organic product. The process designed by Willi was pressing seeds once and cold with completely sophisticated and unique residue extraction. Seeds do not receive heat or extreme processes, that’s why oil is extracted in a delicate and pure way. This method makes Seitenabcher’s organic oils maintain all their properties and vitamins to have the greatest benefits. 

The Seitenbacher oil mill produces organic essential oils, organic cooking oils and organic supplement oils. Using seeds are:  Nigella Sativa, hemp, poppy, pumpkin, flaxseed, sunflower seeds. All of them have the highest quality standards. 

The oil mill became a stronghold for the company. It made Seitenbacher stronger and even more complete. Growing every day, the Grünsfeld oil mill is like Seitenbacher’s younger brother working hand to hand and helping each day to focus more on giving people benefits to live a long, healthy life.


2020, Seitenbacher Oil Mill in Grünsfeld, Germany

Why should you choose Seitenbacher?

Seitenbacher was founded more than 40 years ago and today is still a family business, operated by the family Pfannenschwarz. The company produce not only muesli and baking mixes but also organic oils, fruit snacks, protein food, soups, bars and more. Seitenbacher is a warm place for employees, maintaining trust and personal contact on a daily basis. Even nowadays, the CEO is always between machines and the production lines, advising his employees and taking care of production processes. He has never put aside his passion, which made him go from a small mill to the large multinational company. Seitenbacher is in more than 15 countries. Producing in Germany and in the United States. 

Seitenbacher has always demonstrated its high quality and responsibility in products. We source ingredients directly from farmers who put so much work and effort to produce the best quality raw materials. Each ingredient has its own story. Buying directly from small suppliers, we have the opportunity to know so much as possible about processes which raw materials going threw. Our approach is to make a fully connected, honest and responsible supply chain.

Seitenbacher commitment is to provide all products completely free of GMO, preservatives, flavoring, MSG and pesticides. Among our categories we have organic, gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, low in sugar, vegan, high in protein products. Every day, we create more ideas to have options for everyone. We are organic certified.