Organic Flaxseed Oil 8.4 FL OZ


Get essential Omega 3 for your body, heart, and skin with this cold pressed, certified organic, Seitenbacher America flax oil.
Omega-3’s can help reduce the risk of a potential stroke or heart attack. Flax oil promotes healthy heart function,
protecting joints from inflammation, increase in collagen, weight loss, constipation relief, eczema reduction.
Pressed in Florida.

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Take 1 – 2 spoonfuls a day of omega 3 rich, cold pressed, Organic Flax Seed Oil.

Non-fishy, mercury free, alternative to fish oil.


Seitenbacher uses glass bottles to keep the cold-pressed
organic flax oil inside fresh. Seitenbacher Organic
Flax Oil is a great way to get your Omega 3.
It’s also the non-fishy way to get your Omega 3.