Muesli Cereal 3 For Active People


A delicious all natural muesli blend provides your body with natural energy all day long.

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Enjoy our delicious muesli 3 mix made specially for active people!

Nutrition Facts: 

All Natural Muesli Cereal for an Active Lifestyle

Muesli for Active People is one of our most popular muesli blends. Enjoy with your favorite yogurt or milk.

Muesli for Active People is Very Popular

What makes our Muesli for Active People so popular? Maybe its the all natural ingredients. Maybe its the delicious banana chips. Maybe it’s the high quality.

What we want for our customers…

We want our natural food products to help you live a long and happy life. Seitenbacher products are internationally recognized, well known in the United States, and a household name in Germany. All of our food is 100% all natural GMO free, with no preservatives, no artificial colors or sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no bleached flour, no MSG, no hydrogenated oils, and no irradiated food.

Did you know…

Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers.