Muesli is a healthy mix of whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Eaten cold or hot, with milk, juice or water. It promotes good digestive health and weight loss by keeping you full. Moreover, fills the body with natural nutrients and keeps the entire digestive system clean.



Since the beginning of the company’s history, the Seitenbacher family business has worked hand in hand with local farmers. The goal of the CEO, Willi Pfannenschwarz, was to buy all ingredients as regional as possible to have the opportunity to look closely at the quality. Seitenbacher commitment is to provide all products completely free of GMO, preservatives, flavoring, MSG and pesticides. Our approach is to make a connected, honest and responsible supply chain. The company philosophy is to provide our customers pure and natural products. 



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The organic oil mill located in Grünsfeld, Germany belongs to Seitenbacher since June 2010. After 30 years of the hard work, Willi Pfannenschwarz purchased his own oil mill. The purpose of producing oils was to focus on a completely healthy, organic product…

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Family own since 1980

Seitenbacher was founded in a little village in south Germany by Willi Pfannenschwarz in 1980. He came from a long family of proud millers. The goal of the family was to improve the health of their customers. Seitenbacher has always demonstrated its high quality and responsibility in products. Even today, the company is a family owned business that takes healthy food very seriously. Currently, we are in more than 15 countries. Producing in Germany and in the United States…